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Posted: October 7, 2011 in Advanced, Beginner, Information, Intermediate

I probably mentioned that I read a lot of gun blogs and listen to a lot of gun podcasts and watch a lot of gun videos. It’s probably half of what I do on the internet. The other half is mostly lolcats.

So here’s a list of my favorite blogs, podcasts, video sites and anything else I can think of.

Blogs – This is the blog of Matthew Graham. He does training classes, invented the Surefire Combat Ring and used to be a Federal Air Marshall. I haven’t read through his archive yet, but the few posts of his I’ve gone through were really informative and I like his writing style. – Crant Cunningham is one of the premier revolversmiths in the country, not to mention the fact that he is also a photographer, musician, and a Combat Focus Shooting instructor. I’ve heard him on podcasts and I’ve been reading his blog for a while now and I’ve really come to trust his opinions. – ITS Tactical (ITS stands for Imminent Threat Solutions) has a shop, but my primary involvement with them has been through their excellent selection of articles. They cover guns, but also other gear, survival, fitness, and just about anything else you can think of. They have a lot of great articles, and they’re grouped into the different categories they apply to. You should just head over there and start digging. You’re sure to find something you’ll love. – Larry Correia is the author of Monster Hunter International, one of the best pulp action-adventure books I’ve read. The books are great fun (he’s up to three now in that series and has started writing a few other series as well) and Larry does a better job of writing about guns than any other author I’ve read. His blog can be about writing, guns, politics or anything else, but I always enjoy it.


Almost all the gun-related podcasts that I listen to regularly are from the Gun Rights Radio network. They have a bunch of different podcasts and forums, so it’s a great place to go exploring. You’re sure to find something you like on there.

Citizen Armed – This one is done by a radio host and some military buddies of his down in Texas. It doesn’t update very regularly, but they get some great interviews.

Gundudes – This is probably my favorite podcast. The guys are really funny, and a few of them even know what they’re talking about sometimes. They do interviews, product reviews, and current events, plus they offer some training tips or other useful info. They call themselves the Break Room of the GRRN, because most of the other podcasts are actually offering useful information and the ‘Dudes are usually just amking fun of each other.

Gunfighter Cast – I really like this one as well, but it hasn’t been updating as regularly since Daniel got stationed in Japan. He’s an active duty marine marksmanship instructor, and he has some great info. Early episodes also have his friend Justin, and I really like their dynamic.

Practical Defense – Alex Haddox is a martial artist, a shooter, and a computer security expert. his shows cover everything from making yourself safer on the internet to making your home safer from intruders. His shows are packed full of great information for keeping yourself safe in all situations.

Proarms Podcast – This podcast is chock full of fantastic expert shooters and trainers. You really won’t find a better group of people most anywhere. They know their stuff, they have the real world and competition experience to back up their opinions, and there are enough of them to get a great range of views on almost any topic. This is the podcast that features Massad Ayoob, one of my favorite gun gurus.

Combat Focus Shooting Podcast – This is the only podcast I really like that isn’t on the GRRN. Unfortunately, it’s also not updating anymore. There’s some great info in here though, and it’s well worth listening to. It’s hosted by Rob Pincus, one of my favorite authors, speakers and trainers on defensive shooting. His Combat Focus Shooting system is very solid, and he explains quite a bit about it in the podcast.


Personal Defense Network – This is a fantastic collection of videos on personal defense. Many of them are from Rob Pincus as well as some other big name trainers. If you’re interested in good, solid firearms information, this is a great place to get it. There are a lot of videos ranging across all topics of personal defense. They involve guns, martial arts, knives, home security and more. They also have articles and a forum, if you prefer.

Shivworks’ YouTube Channel – Shivworks is a training company operated by a man who goes by Southnarc on the internet. I’ve taken a class from him and he is an absolutely fantastic trainer. His skills with a gun, with unarmed defense, with knives, and especially with teaching, are amazing. I learned more about real self defense shooting in a few days with him than in tons of other books, videos and classes that I’ve taken.

ITS Tactical’s YouTube Channel – ITS Tactical has a lot of great videos on YouTube, including stuff on guns, knots, escape and evasion and more. Very cool stuff and they keep adding more all the time.

You can also find a lot more on YouTube, but you need to be careful where you get your personal defense advice. A lot of people on the internet are wrong, and they will make you wrong if you listen to them. Until you get enough training under your belt to spot a mall ninja (fake badass) you’re better off sticking with well-respected sources. Well-respected generally means published authors, national-level trainers (even some of these can be squirrelly), and people who you know for sure to have solid experience. It’s not always easy to find them, so I’ll do my best to pass along any good info I get.

As far as plinking, target shooting, competition shooting, etc., it doesn’t much matter where you get your info. Read as many books, blogs, magazines, or whatever as you can, watch videos, and then go try it out. See what works for you. Worst case you have a bad match. As long as you’re following the 4 Safety Rules, you and your friends are going to go home with the same number of holes in you that you started with, and that’s what matters.

Thanks for reading!


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