Posted: November 17, 2011 in Administrative

I know, I know, I’ve been slacking. Life got pretty hectic there for a bit, and I’m working on getting everything hammered back down again. The good news is that shortly, I should have a pretty sweet place to do video for you guys, namely my garage. I’d love to get pics and video of my draw stroke, particularly, since that’s especially important and difficult to explain in text.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to pick up one of these babies as soon as I can for training purposes: Ruger 22/45 I haven’t decided for sure on the model I want, but I’m leaning towards the threaded barrel. I don’t own a suppressor, but I’d like to, and having a gun with a threaded barrel already on it would definitely help motivate me to get it done, finally. The 22/45 is a great starter/training pistol because it mimics the feel of the 1911, without the expense and recoil. I’ve been wanting a semiauto .22LR pistol to use for my own practice and for teaching new shooters for a while, and this one is just really appealing to me for a lot of reasons.

Anything else? Not a ton, unfortunately. I haven’t had much time to shoot lately, and with the weather turning I may not get a chance to do it again for a while. On a very positive note, the indoor range that was supposed to be built near my house and had been getting delayed is moving forward. Looks like we’ll have a small but functional indoor range available within the next month or two. Woot! It’s on my way home from work, which means I’ll be stopping in at least once or twice a week to put rounds downrange. That really means I need to get my butt in gear with my reloading press, too. Thankfully, my garage is slowly moving toward readiness. When I finally do get my press set up, I’m supposed to have some friends over to help me figure out what I’m doing with it, and I’ll definitely be taking pictures and video of that process as well.

I’ll check back in soon, hopefully. Thanks very much for reading!

  1. yelp says:

    Thanks for writing! Lots of good info.

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