New gun!

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Administrative, Handgun, Information

I think I’ve probably mentioned that I’ve been wanting a Ruger 22/45 for training. Well I finally got to hold one in my hand today and realized that the grip I don’t much care for on the 1911 is the exact grip they were attempting to copy on the 22/45. I knew that intellectually, but until I actually got my hand on it and felt that same inherent discomfort, it didn’t really hit me. But there I was, holding the gun I thought I would love, not really loving it. I’m very glad I didn’t order it online like I was planning to.

Thankfully, the store also had a really sexy-looking used Browning Buck Mark Camper model for sale, for the screaming low price of $200. I had seen them before and have always liked the look of them, but had never actually held one before. It has an intensely comfortable grip, for one. It also has a surprisingly sweet trigger. Sweet both in how it feels and in the fact that it’s gold. Something about that gold trigger just does it for me. Anyway, for that price, I really couldn’t say no. I brought it home with me and cleaned it up and lubed it up and it’s feeling extra smooth now. I’m hoping to be able to take it out and put some rounds through it sometime soon to make sure it operates as well as I hope it will.

This, being a .22LR, is strictly a target shooting/plinking gun. I’m going to be watching for reliability and all the rest, but I’m not going to be as particular about it as I would for a defensive gun. This one is going to be for putting holes in paper, and paper isn’t going to mind if it takes me a little extra time to get a shot off after a misfeed or whatever. That being said, if it’s a horrible piece of trash that won’t go through a mag or shoots around corners or something, the guy I got it from does offer a 30-day warranty on used firearms. So that’s awesome.

It’s a new shop, one I hadn’t been to before, but I can already tell that it’s going to be my go-to shop for the foreseeable future. The prices were very good across the board, and he does transfers for less than anyone else I’ve seen. He also uses Davidson’s as a distributor and it sounds like they have a lifetime warranty on all new handguns they sell. Basically, if you buy a gun through them and it goes bad, they send you a new one. Awesome. Another fantastic thing about the shop is that the guy running it isn’t an asshole. I don’t know what it is about gun shops, but most of the guys who own them seem to be jerks for some reason. Pompous, full of themselves, whatever, they just think they’re better than you. I hate that crap. So finding a shop with a cool owner is awesome. Finding one that’s close, with good prices, who handles internet orders easily is like a shiny rainbow from heaven.

So anyway, that’s what’s going on. I’m super jazzed. I’ve been talking about a nice new .22 pistol for a long time, and this one just kinda fell into my lap. Can’t wait to put lots of very small holes in paper for very little money!

  1. Robert says:

    I have a Buck Mark Standard. It’s reliable and fun, and just feels natural in your hand. Do pay close attention to the top screws though, as they have a tendency to work themselves lose, and then the pistol starts becoming understandably unreliable.

  2. Septimus says:

    Good to know. Thanks for the heads up!

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