Rob Pincus on sight alignment/picture

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Handgun, How To, Information

This is an interesting lecture by Rob Pincus on sights, sight alignment, sight picture, and what to do with your eyes when you’re using sights. I’ve noticed that I tend to close my left (non-dominant) eye when shooting a pistol for precision, and I’ve always thought that was a weakness for me. It didn’t seem to slow me down or screw me up, though, and it always takes me much longer to figure out which of the two targets I should be aiming at when shooting with both eyes open. Often, I would have to close my left eye, establish which target is the “real” one, then open up lefty again and get to shooting. Talk about inefficient!

My last class also had us spend some time shooting with masking tape over our rear sights, so we shot using just the silhouette of the gun. That’s plenty to get defensive-quality hits at normal defensive ranges. I’ve been trying to pay attention during my IDPA shooting as well, and I’ve noticed that I tend to use the gun silhouette for closer targets there, too. I only really need my sights themselves when shooting at 15 yards or more, and even then only when trying to make headshots. The kinesthetic alignment indicators (I’ve shot this gun thousands of times, I know what it feels like in my hand when it’s pointed straight) and the silhouette of the gun are plenty to get solid hits at closer ranges and on larger targets. I also shoot both eyes open when I’m shooting at closer targets without intentionally aligning my sights, and I intuitively close one eye at the longer ranges when using my sights. So I’ve been working my way toward this idea on my own, but Rob does it much more justice than I can.

So, here’s Rob with a really intelligent, rational, and interesting piece about why we shouldn’t worry about eye dominance or shooting with both eyes open. Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Sight Alignment & Sight Picture for Defensive Shooting Part 1

Sight Alignment & Sight Picture for Defensive Shooting Part 2


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