Range Time!

Posted: February 29, 2012 in After Action Reports, Information

I finally got some rounds downrange this weekend! It has been far, far too long. My dad and I are members at Centennial Gun Club, and they just opened their store and range this week. It’s a very nice facility, and all the employees were fantastic. Everything is still new, so people are learning their computer systems and all, but it went smoothly. I was able to call ahead and reserve a lane for myself, my dad, and two of my friends. We got one of the longer ranges (60+ feet) but ended up not pushing our targets past 10 yards. I’m going to go back with a rifle or two, and I will definitely be shooting at the longer ranges.

We shot some .22LR out of my new Buck Mark, and that was a lot of fun. Standing at 10 yards, slow fire, I was keeping all of my shots in a spot about the size of a business card. The trigger on that gun is just so crisp, it makes accurate fire very easy. Everyone really liked it, and it performed well. We had a few failures to fire, but I’m blaming those on ammo. I’ve had the same 550-count box of .22LR Federal cheapo ammo for years now, and I’ve come to expect that one out of every 15-20 rounds isn’t going to fire. That’s just what you get with bargain basement ammo, really.

I think my friend Chris enjoyed the 9mm XDm the most of any of the guns, and I can’t blame him. It’s my go-to handgun, for sure. Reliable, accurate, and easy to manage. There’s very little I don’t like about it. I shot well with it, too, keeping my shots inside a business card at 5 yards with slow fire. I definitely lost some of the comfort I had with rapid fire from my Surgical Speed Shooting course, not having fired a gun at all for a few months. I’ll work on that, though, and get back to it.

My friend Jeff really likes the .40 Baby Eagle. I used to love that gun with all of my heart, and I still love how it feels in my hand. The trigger is just way too crunchy for me now that I’ve gotten used to smoother trigger pulls. At some point, I’ll have a gunsmith take a look at it and see if he can smooth it out. It’s still fun to shoot, but I’m a bit spoiled now.

So that’s what I did with guns. Finally pulled the trigger a little! I’m planning to make a quick trip to the range on my way home from work at least once or twice a week. That’s where having the .22LR will be so handy. My cost for shooting is going to be essentially zero dollars. That’s something i can get behind in a big way. I’ll keep you posted on any new developments, or any new things I get to try out. Until then, thanks for reading!

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