Haley Strategic: Free Targets and Drills

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Handgun, How To, Information

Hey guys! Long time without writing, I know. I’ve been super busy with the baby and work and all. I’ve been shooting a lot, surprisingly enough, but haven’t been reading or writing as much as I’d like. Something came up that I really wanted to share with you, though, so here I am.

Haley Strategic (Travis Haley, previously of Magpul Dynamics) recently posted a free set of targets on his website, and linked to videos demonstrating the drills associated with each target. It’s really good stuff, and makes for great training. If you ever feel like you’re just converting money into noise at the range, rather than really working on something, then these drills will be great for you.

Here are the targets: Haley Strategic Target Pack

The drills are all on Youtube, with Travis demonstrating how to do them and what they teach. Many of the targets also include a blurb at the bottom explaining how they’re to be used, but the videos do a much better job of it, obviously.

Trigger Stripe Drill – Part I

Trigger Stripe Drill – Part II

Lucky Charms Drill

Twister Drill

Shift Gears Drill

Combat Effectiveness Drill

Hope you enjoy these! i know I’ll be printing out a couple of these and taking them on my next range trip. Thanks for reading!


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